Zippy Pocket Sprung with Coolmax and Maxi-Space

Zippy Pocket Sprung with Coolmax and Maxi-Space

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  • Pocket springs offering excellent, firm support to your baby. 
  • Pocket sprung core is wrapped in stockinette fabric. 
  • Full waterproof protector cover zips on over the stockinette to protect the core from body fluids. 
  • Wrapping the core in stockinette fabric allows you to easily remove the waterproof protector for washing. 
  • Coolmax and Maxi-space topper can easily be zipped on, or off the waterproof protector. 


The COOLMAX® & Maxi-Space Classic Cover 

The NightyNite® COOLMAX® & Maxi-Space Classic cover has a top surface which is made up of a combination of COOLMAX® and Maxi-Space. COOLMAX® is designed specifically to regulate your babies body temperature all year round. The Maxi-Space underneath the COOLMAX® is a 3D fabric which provides constant air circulation and unlimited breathability, along with shock absorption and heat/water reduction. The two fabrics combined together is the ideal sleep surface for any baby. Washable at 60°C (The temperature needed to kill dust mites).  

All of our mattresses conform to British standards BS1877, BS7177 and the recommendations of FSIDS.