Classic Fibre Mattress with Luxury Microfibre Cover

Classic Fibre Mattress with Luxury Microfibre Cover

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The Fibre Core  

The breathable and water resistant 10cm (4 inches) thick super fibre is made from environmentally friendly and fully recyclable fibre material which offers superb comfort and support for your baby.  


The Luxury Microfibre Cover 

The NightyNite® Luxury Microfibre cover has a microfibre top surface which is quilted with polyester wadding and is exceptionally soft. Microfibre is a great fabric for a cover because it has a high number of air chambers and pores, improving breathability and helping to regulate body temperature. It is anti-static and anti-microbial whilst also being hypo-allergenic, fire retardant and washable at 60°C (The temperature needed to kill dust mites).  

All of our mattresses conform to British standards BS1877, BS7177 and the recommendations of FSIDS.